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Why Immigration to Canada is No. 1 choice today
Published by admin May 30, 2019

If you come to Canada as a skilled immigrant, you and your family will benefit from world-class education and high quality of life.



Immigration to Canada Overview:

Throughout the history, immigration to canada has been best option and favoring country. Its policies are made keeping immigration in center of it. Canada is a growing country with rapidly growing cities and suburban areas. Canada now is not just East Coast and West Coast, it has expanded to more towards other areas.

There has been a rapid increase in new define essay writing settlements and urban areas over the last few of decades.Due to this immigration to Canada favoring policies, there has been consistent increase in immigration numbers for years. According to stat Canada, in 2011.

Canada had a foreign population of 6,775,800 people and they represented about 20% of the total population. This number is highest among G8 countries. Asia (including Middle East) has been the largest source of immigrants during last 5 years.

Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta have been the provinces where most of the foreign-born population prefers to live. Besides having lot of opportunities, Canada is safe and does not tolerate any sort of discrimination.

An individual from any part of the world, any race, religion or ethnicity can come and contribute in the growth and development of this country.

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Advantages of Immigration to Canada

There are various programs under which Canada invites people from around the world. One can qualify in immigration to canada, if he/she has skill trades experience (please check National Occupational Classification) by looking for programs run by provinces and federal government.

Canada government provides free education up to the grade 12. This also helps to provide every individual equal opportunity to study. Canadian healthcare system is controlled by government which helps its citizens to have good health. It is also beneficial for elderly providing them good level of care, maintain healthy lifestyle and improved quality of living.

There are many such good things Canadian government provides to its citizens. Privilege of government welfare schemes (in case of need), free medical facilities, free education, old age insurance, unemployment insurance etc. are few of the many benefits of being citizen of Canada.

Canada immigration process starts with Points based assessment take your Free Assessment to your eligibility.

Canadian workers are covered and are provided with lay-off benefits in case they lose their job. One can be entitled for up to 60% of its last drawn salary as a benefit. Canada Pension Plan provides the russian bride online retirement pension for its citizens.

This helps them to manage their daily expenses during their retirement days and can live a comfortable life. Canadian resident is entitled to old age pension in Canada. The pension amount depends upon the number of years an individual has lived in Canada.

Provincial and federal government provides child care benefits to help support families to take good care of their child. It is devised in such a way that lower income families gets more benefits compared to decently earning families.

This could not be a full explanation of why immigration to canada over other countries, but in summary, Canada
is a one of the best countries to live in. One can live life to fullest and feel secure for himself and for his family.

All in all Canada is beautiful and friendly country to immigrate today, canada gives you many advantage over many other countreis. Its definetly easy to move and settle in canada compare to any other countries even in Europe.

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