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Super visa Canada

Super visa Canada

Super Visa gives parents and grandparents the opportunity to spend time with their children and grandchildren for up to the period of 2 years. Canadian super Visa is a multiple entry visa. Canadian Super Visa application can get challenging in certain conditions. Every individual has different situation and may require distinctive approach for the application process.

Getting us involved would help you get right understanding about your situation which would eventually conclude desired outcome.

These are the few typical requirements one should have before applying for Super Visa Canada. There could be more requirements depending to situation. We will happy to assist with your application submission.

  • Complete and submit appropriate application form.
  • Parents financial and sponsor’s financial situation details.
  • Invitation letter from sponsor.
  • Parents or grandparents must provide financial support from their sponsor.
  • Provide medical insurance from Canadian provider.
  • Complete medical examination requirements.
  • Letter of Invitation.

Feel free to contact us to have better understanding about Super Visa. Do not hesitate to contact, even if you have a quick question.

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