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Nayyar Immigration Services Inc. is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant located in Ontario, Canada. We are registered with ICCRC (Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council) and authorized representatives within the meaning of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) and the Citizenship Act (Canada) and the respective Government regulations. We can help you with Canadian Immigration, LMIA, Permanent Residency, Provincial Nominee Program, Work Permit, Student Permit, Spousal Work Permit, Visitor Visa, Super Visa, Visal Refusal and other immigration related matters. Our client’s trust speaks about our experience and knowledge about immigration related matters. You can rely on us for right guidance and professional services.

Lack of knowledge and misleading information are one of the biggest threats that can jeopardize the case and can also limit the entry to Canada forever. As a best Canada Immigration consultant, we have set our standards to overcome these challenges and provide clients with best services including understanding about types of visa, the application process, what kind of visa one should apply for, what education institute or course is best for a student, etc. You can count on us even in your difficult situation. We give special attention to visa refusals where visa has been denied.  We scrutinize those cases and discuss these cases with our team and help the client with the best possible solution. As we are regulated, we insist to sign the retainer aggrement with us. Retainer aggrement is a document which both Client and Consultant sign, which mentions the details of services provided.

Canada has been considered as one of the most preferred country for immigration. People from all over the world choose to make Canada as their new home. There are many factors behind this, few to name are, better living standards, equality, no discrimination, equal rights and growing economy.

With ever growing number of people coming to Canada, need for an Regulated Immigration Consultant also increases. Consultant who is well aware of the rules and regulations of immigration, can help in a right way. Being a Regulated Consultant, we understand the importance of following rules and regulations set by the Canadian government. These regulations are very dynamic and keep on changes from time to time. A consultant needs to be well experiences and aware about the changes so she can help her clients in a professional way. At Nayyar Immigration Services, our focus is in educating clients about the latest updates, laws, and processes so they can make information decision.

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Our expert team helps us achieve high standards of customer satisfaction by its experience and facilitating the application process. At Nayyar Immigration Services Inc., our focus towards educating clients and guide them about doing things right the first time.